Testimonies from students/parents

"Without Ms. Nguyen, I don't think I would have been able to pass any of my science courses - let alone graduate high school and get into a 4-year college"

"Ms. Nguyen made me appreciate education and made learning so much fun!"

"Ms. Mindy encouraged me and believed in me - before I met Ms. Mindy, I hated school."

"Ms. Nguyen has helped my son grow so much that his current teachers could not believe it was the same student. Ms. Nguyen made learning fun for my son and instead of the traditional "tutoring", she also taught him skills to improve his behavior. We are so grateful for you, Ms. Nguyen!"

"Ms. Nguyen helped me pass statistics with an A after I had to retake it 4x. She made the material so easy to learn that I wish all my college professors taught like her. I will be back when I have to take Microbiology, you can count on it!"

"My child looks forward to his tutoring sessions with Ms. Nguyen every week. He talks about how amazing she is and how much he learns within the hour. Most of the time, he doesn't even want to go home!"

"Ms. Nguyen made me appreciate myself and taught me life skills in and outside the classroom that I know will help me as I move on to college and become a real adult."