About Us

Meet Ms. Mindy Nguyen

The EC by Mindy was opened during the ongoing COVID pandemic in 2019 by high school and college professor Ms. Mindy Nguyen, but formally was transitioned into a non-profit in 2021.

Ms. Nguyen has been an educator since 2018, but has been tutoring at various age levels since 2014, as well as teaching English as second language. Currently, Ms. Nguyen is an education coordinator running an education program for incarcerated youth. Along with that, Ms. Nguyen has been teaching adjunct at surrounding colleges in MA.

Receiving a BS in Biology with a minor in Mathematics, a MS in Biotechnology with a minor in Business, a MS in Educational Leadership and one year left of a Ph.D in Psychology with a focus in Human Development & Learning/Motivation - Ms. Nguyen is well rounded with knowledge for your students' needs!